Proposals should consider the following suggested topics:

  1. Queer bodies, performance and performativity
  2. Sexualities and politics of inclusion
  3. Gender, race and writing (the body)
  4. Literature and homosexual desire
  5. Sexualities and violence
  6. Women’s writing, history and literary criticism
  7. Sexualities and visual imaginaries
  8. Poetry, body and power
  9. Literature and science
  10. Translation and gender
  11. The posthuman in literature and other arts
  12. Utopia, gender and sexualities


Presentations should not exceed 20 minutes. Submissions should include: name of author/s (including university affiliations), original title of presentation, an abstract of 200-300 words, and a brief biographical note of up to 200 words per author.

Languages: Portuguese, English, and French.

Submissions are due by December 10th, 2016.

Proposals should be to: